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Connor McDavid Is Better At His Sport Than Anyone In The World Is At Theirs, Part 1,405,398


Oh come on, man!!!!

Let's see that one more time:



Dude is just insane. It's every night with him, and it's frankly just unfair. He currently leads the league in goals, assists, power play goals, and power play assists. And you know what stinks? This is his 8th year in Edmonton and they are no closer to a Cup now than they were when they drafted him. Everyone in that organization should be ashamed. You have the best player in the world doing everything and more, and the team still STINKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS.

I mean the guy is a god damn wizard out there and everyone should be watching him. He should be bowed down to in the streets, not struggling to stay above .500 in the Arctic (no offense to our Edmonton stoolies, but you know what I mean)



I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's time to get him into a major American market and really push him to the moon. Rig the shit, I don't care. It's time.