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Ja Morant Simply Refuses To Stop Unleashing Monster Poster Dunks On Jakob Poeltl

Joe Murphy. Getty Images.

One of life's greatest pleasures is watching Ja Morant play the sport of basketball. There's really nothing like it. What he's able to do on a nightly basis shouldn't be humanly possible, yet for Morant it looks as routine as breathing is for us normal people. It just happens naturally. 

Part of the beauty is Morant's ability to dunk on people like you've never seen before. Even his "almost" posters make you gasp when you see a human body float like that above the rim. One person who knows all about that is Jakob Poeltl, the 7fter for the Spurs. Last year he got an up close and personal look at what one of these Ja posters looks like, and it's not great for you if you're in his way

That was February 28th, 2022. Well, 11 months later here we are again. 

Ja Morant vs Jakob Poeltl

How do we think it went this time?

Giphy Images.

Uhhhhhhh holy shit.

I think it was about at this moment where my brain stopped being able to comprehend what my eyes were seeing

It was at this split second that it appeared Ja Morant had been floating in the air for no fewer than 15 minutes. His body just kept going up, and then once it got to the top level it just sort of….stayed there. I don't know how else to explain it. Go ahead and rewatch it and you'll see what I mean. From there it's nothing but death and destruction, and poor Jakon Poeltl may as well have been a child. You forget he's 7ft and 229 pounds. Ja tossed his ass like it was nothing all while hanging in the air. That's pretty impressive.

When it was all said and done Morant finished with 38/5/4 for a Grizzlies team that has now won 8 in a row to keep pace with the Nuggets who are also in action tonight. At worst, it'll keep them tied record wise. If the Nuggets lose to the Suns, then Memphis will for the moment slide into that number 1 spot. 

The thing about the Grizzlies is they haven't really been healthy this year. Did you know their normal intended starting lineup has only played 6 games and 61 minutes together this season? To be 28-13 is pretty damn impressive considering you haven't even had your best guys for basically the whole first half of the year. If they can finally get some injury luck over the second half, I see no reason why the Grizzlies shouldn't be a problem for everyone out West.

Maybe Ja had a point