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OUR WAY: The Giants Playoff Hype Video Will Make You Believe In Destiny While You Have Chills All Over Your Body

Oh my. This is the one. This is the hype video I've been waiting for. It's been too long since I've watched the Giants in the playoffs. It's been too long since I remember having these sort of chills. But getting Michael Strahan to narrate this with all the highlights of LT, Eli, Manningham, Tyree, Ottis Anderson and others out there does it for me. It gets us Giants fans a little chub and the Vikings are surely peeing down their leg. Only thing missing was tossing in the 41-0 NFC Championship win over the Vikings. Just set the tone with that. 

Now, sure, I know and understand the Giants are playing with house money. They *shouldn't* be here. But we are. That's all that matters. I don't make the playoff rules, I just cheer for a team in them. We get a 2nd shot at the Vikings after a brutal loss to them late in the season. I'm not scared to go to Minnesota. I'm not scared of Kirk Cousins in the 4:30 window. I'm a little scared of Justin Jefferson. I'm man enough to admit that. 

It's why I love the slogan Our Way. Everyone knows a slogan is step 1 to a title. Believe it and it will happen? Ring a bell? Our Way works. Simple. Makes sense when you see how the Giants play. I can see Brian Daboll's beautiful bald head wearing a sweatshirt with it on. I can picture Wink wearing it on a t-shirt as he sends another blitz. 

Like I've said, this group made us believe in Daniel Jones. They got Saquon back to looking like a potential All-Pro. They have a defense flying around up top led by Sexy Dexy and Kayvon. There's a lot to like and more importantly a lot to build on. Kenny Golladay even caught a touchdown pass!

Our Way. Print the shirts.