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Rate This Concession Item: The Nottingham Pizza Dog

I won't lie. My instinct when I first saw the pizza dog was to make fun of it. Something that on the surface looks like it should be an option on the menu next to Casey's breakfast pizza. Something you'd eat as a dare or in an emergency. Then I stopped and looked more closely and now...I need to get to Nottingham to try one of these bad boys. 

Look at that crust! That is how a pizza crust should look in my opinion. Neapolitan style. Light and airy. Some char that adds to the flavor and texture. A perfect looking crust. Then we get to the matter of the hot dog. What is so out of bounds about a hot dog as a pizza topping? Hot dogs are a close cousin of sausage and pepperoni which are the two most popular toppings in America. There is something a little off-putting about biting a big chunk out of the dog on the pizza in my head, but there's really no different. Being from Chicago, I have a little bit of an aversion to ketchup on a hot dog, so I would probably leave that off since we are getting the tomato sweetness from the sauce anyways. A little mustard gives this a kick. I think I am on board. I plan on making a trip to the Midlands in the spring for a game at City Ground and I will try my absolute best to get my hands on one of these things. I've talked myself into this being the best concession item in England because when I went to the Forest promotion play-off final in Wembley the only thing they really had to offer was a meat pie which was disgusting and I like pot pies. Give me the pizza dog all day. On looks I give it a 6.7, but on concept I give it a 8.2.