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A Mystery La Liga Player Wears A Luchador Mask And Goes by the Name Enigma To Illegally Play in 7-on-7 Indoor Soccer League

Daily Mail- Gerard Pique's new Kings League handed football fans an unexpected guessing game at the weekend, as an unknown LaLiga star took to the pitch wearing a Mexican mask to conceal his identity.

It is believed the mysterious player, who also sported long black sleeves and gloves to hide his arms and hands, was eager to remain anonymous during the seven-a-side match, as his club and agent were not happy for him to take part.

Fans across football have continued to debate who the masked individual could be, based largely on an enigmatic description Pique gave ahead of Sunday's match between Kings League outfits BUYER TEAM and Kunisports

This morning was the first I've learned of the Kings League, but I'm immediately in on it. For the past 5 years or so I've been meaning to get into European soccer. A whole bunch of people in the Barstool office have teams and gather around to watch the afternoon weekday games. It always seems like a good time. I've recently claimed the Brentford Bees as my club, but I'm still very out of the loop. Soccer had always been a little slow and low scoring for me. I know that's a shitty American take on it, and I'm trying to change, but the pace of play has definitely deterred me from watching it in the past. And I know there's a lot of people out there who would agree with that.

But for those people who think soccer is too slow, the Kings League should be right up yalley.

The league is broadcast on Twitch, and they essentially just Americanized soccer. They turned it into hockey (so maybe they Canadianized it but same thing). It moves way faster and there's more scoring, which essentially addresses every complaint that people have with the sport. They do these weird hockey style shootout/penalty shots that look very exciting.

And for the opening kickoff they go dodgeball style where everyone lines up along the baseline and sprints full speed at each other. It looks highly fun and highly dangerous. Definitely something that would be banned from gym classes in the 21st century.

And it's not total scrubs playing in this league either. The league is run by Spanish soccer star Girard Pique, ex-professional players, and "Spain's most famous streamers." It reminds me of Ice Cubes Big3 Basketball League, but the players aren't quite as washed up. 

But by far the most exciting thing about the league happened when a mystery player took the field. This player is still playing for a club in the Spanish professional league, La Liga. According to this players La Liga contract, he is not allowed to play in any leagues other than La Liga. But a breach of contract wasn't going to stop this man from playing in the Kings League. This mystery player arrived at the game in a Luchador mask to hide his identity, wore #69, and went by the name Enigma.

Seems like a massive risk for him to take. I'm not sure how much money this mystery man stands to lose if he gets caught, but it makes me think this league must be fun as hell to play in if he's willing to take the risk. Among a few players who were rumored to be behind the Luchador mask is Denis Suarez, who is NOT the Uruguay player that bit a guy in the World Cup. It's a different Suarez.

NOTE: I had this blog up for 5 hours before I realized it was a different Suarez. Thank you comment section for correcting me on that, I am an idiot

If all goes to plan I would imagine that we won't learn who this mystery man is. At least not until he's fully paid by his La Liga team. The next week of games will be played this Sunday (6 hour long games starting at 10 AM EST). They can be streamed on Twitch. It's honestly the perfect thing to watch leading up to the Sunday NFL Playoff games. Maybe this will finally be what gets American's into the beautiful game (lol).