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Guy Waits A Month To Kiss Smokeshow Model Girlfriend For The First Time, Sends Her To The Hospital By Mistakenly Biting Through Her Tongue

NY Post - A Turkish model and influencer reportedly required emergency surgery after an overzealous date bit through her tongue during their passionate first kiss. A video of the star getting her tongue sewn together is blowing up online.

“Oh gosh, it hurts a lot. Is this a joke?” Ceyda Ersoy, 34, said while describing the saliva-swapping fiasco, which occurred while the bombshell was reportedly French-kissing her date for the first time, reported Jam Press.

“Seems like I couldn’t get to know him well,” explained the Turkish celeb, who boasts over 620,000 followers on Instagram. “It’s been a month since we first met, this was our first kiss.”

Always loved that song by Sixpence None The Richer ... how's it go again ? 

"Kiss me, out of the bearded barley Nightly, beside the green, green grass 

Swing, swing, (swing, swing) swing the spinning step You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress

Oh, kiss BITE me, beneath the milky twilight , lead me out on the moonlit floor hospital

Lift your open hand Strike up the band ambulance 

and make the fireflies dance Silver moon's sparkling

So kiss BITE me "

Close enough ... 

Anyway, looks like the date of Instagram model Ceyda Ersoy seems to have mixed up those lyrics too because after a month of dating and his first opportunity to kiss her, he bit down on her tongue so hard he split it in two. 

Smooth move!

Talk about a missed opportunity. 

Ersoy ended up ok after the procedure and assured everyone she was alright. 

Thankfully, Ersoy said the operation went off without a hitch: “Guys, I’m OK now, thanks a lot for your well-wishes. They’ve stitched it up.”

The self-described “Miss Fotomodel of Turkey 2010” is still unsure how her date managed to mutilate her so badly during their simple make-out sesh.

“I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t really know how to kiss,” she wondered, before quipping, “My advice to you is don’t even say hi to guys who are Scorpios.”

I've had some bad dates and made some screw ups, like the time my car wouldn't start and her father had to jump it before I could take her to dinner, or the time I had a first date which had no sparks and said I was going to the bathroom just so I could check scores in peace for a few minutes. But I haven't botched a moment as bad as this guy. Figure it out pal ... 

If this guy needs advice, I went to the only person I know who regularly kisses models ... Tommy Smokes who had this to say:

"Models are just like any girl. You want to slop em up with as much saliva as possible. Whirpool of your spit in their mouth. Will get them very turned on and horny for you."

Thank you Tommy Smokes ... 

For you savages who came here just to see the model, I appreciate the page views, especially in a contract year.

Without further ado here is Ceyda Ersoy.

But I remind you … don't just follow her page for her looks. She looks like she goes to great restaurants as well. 

Now if I could only get a translator to send me the name of these restaurants. I'll have to follow her and hope she posts the names soon.