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Ryan Reynolds Smooches Hot Dude At New York Rangers Game

So Alexander Skarsgård, Henrik Lundqvist and Ryan Reynolds walk into a hockey game....have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

Truthfully I don't know which option I'd be more excited about. The idea that Henrik Lundqvist is palling around with these two beauties because he's about to kick start his acting career now that he's retired. Maybe a quick little cameo in Deadpool 3. Or Ryan Reynolds is out on the prowl trying to procure his sugar daddy's to help him buy the Ottawa Senators. And what a sugar daddy he's got his hands on here. 

If you can't appreciate a couple of hot dudes embracing for a little platonic smooch, well then that seems like a personal issue to me. 

Either way, both of those options would mean we get more Henrik Lundqvist. Which is a great thing because I feel like as a Flyers fan, I had to waste so many years hating Henrik Lundqvist as a member of the New York Rangers. From afar it always seemed like so much fun to be a King Henrik fan (aside from the fact that he never won a Cup). Unreal goalie. Handsome as could be. Strictly wears suits. Plays guitar. Probably smells incredible. He's a beauty's beauty. I would love to get a second crack at being able to enjoy Hank's greatness whether it's on the big screen or turning the Senators into a wagon. 

Help purchase the Ottawa Senators. Draft Swedish stud Leo Carlsson with the 4th overall pick. Stutzle, Giroux, Tkachuk, DeBrincat, Batherson and Carlsson as your top 6? With plenty of free agents lining up to play for Ryan Reynolds and goalies getting mentored by Henrik Lundqvist? That's a team that can do some damage. And to think it would have all started with a kiss at The Garden. 

Sidenote: Let's talk about Alexander Skarsgård's old man real quick since I don't have many opportunities to talk about this in other blogs. You want to talk about weapons, let's talk about Stellan Skarsgård in Andor. Buddy completely took over that show. Insane he didn't even get a Golden Globe nomination, let alone win the damn thing. By the time the second season of Andor wraps up, I'm gonna go ahead and say Luthen Rael will be a top 5 character in the galaxy far, far away. 

Sidenote #2: Dean Evason. Certified psycho.