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This Is It. This Is Rock Bottom.

I don't even have words anymore. This is it. This is rock bottom for Kentucky basketball. 

Why? Because it's everyone's fault. Cal once again had a shit scheme. The players somehow refused to make even the simplest, JV-ass decision. Everyone who hates Cal can blame him. Everyone who loves Cal can blame the players. But for the first time everyone has come together to realize both fucking stink - especially when Cason Wallace went out to injury. That's the one talented guy on the roster.

Now if losing to South Carolina at fucking home isn't enough. We have this: 

We're kicking people out for this now? Get Mitch out of here while we're at it all. Fans have every right to do shit like this when we're forced to watch a pathetic attempt at basketball. Again, it's Cal and the players. Scheme is shit. Lineup rotations are shit. Sahvir Wheeler gets roasted defensively and then is a negative offensively. Oscar is a mess defensively. Damion Collins decides it's his time to launch mid-range jumpers. A disaster every way. 

And Cal's inability to adapt is ultimately why he's getting run of Lexington right now. It was so simple. When Wheeler got hurt last year, TyTy moved over to the lead guard and the team was way better. Stick with that. This year, everyone in the world knows the team is at its best when Wallace has the ball in his hands. It doesn't happen. Cal's been too stubborn for the good of the team and for the entire program. It's simple, simple shit that just takes an ego check. 

I hope fans boo every single second inside Rupp Arena all year. Granted the old ass blueheads won't make a sound, everyone else who decides to show up boo every single fucking second. This is rock bottom. There are no excuses this year. There's no COVID year excuse. There's no Nerlens Noel injury excuse. This is rock bottom.