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Ben Affleck Worked A Drive Thru At A Medford Dunkin’ Donuts Today

WCVB- Caffeine wasn't the only jolt to greet some Dunkin' customers in Medford on Tuesday. Some saw actor Ben Affleck slinging their orders through the drive-through window.

Sightings of his wife, Jennifer Lopez, were also reported on social media.

The Hollywood power couple was reportedly in the area filming something for the Canton, Massachusetts-based company.

Lisa Mackay said she went through the drive-through of the location on the Fellsway around 10 a.m. and was greeted by a familiar voice.

"You can't take the Boston accent out of the boy," she said.

Mackay said she ordered a coffee. When it was her turn to pull up to the window, Mackay said she was greeted by Affleck's recognizable face and asked to take his photo.

She said Affleck was, "just as funny, quick-witted and nice as you would imagine."

Imagine this scenario? You're going through your M-F routine. Sitting in line at the Dunkies drive-through, with your kids screaming in the backseat, on your way to drop them at school before you head into the office, ready to blow your brains out. 

Then an unfamiliar voice asks to take your order from the speaker box. You swear you've heard it before, but can't place where.

You order your usual and patiently wait while they take care of the car in front of you which appears to have ordered a dozen bagels. All toasted with cream cheese. 

A half-hour later you pull up to the window and you're greeted by this lovely mug.

What a start to your Tuesday.

And it only got more crazy when J Lo (looking stunning as always) showed up.

All in little olf Mefahd Massachusetts!!

WCVB said they think they were shooting a Super Bowl commercial. Which, if that's the case, brilliant job Dunks. Please say you did the smart thing and incorporated Ben's little brother's SNL character into it.