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Trevor Story Just Had Elbow Surgery And Will Miss Serious Time As The Red Sox Offseason From Hell Continues

The offseason from Hell for the Red Sox just got worse. This news makes letting Xander Bogaerts leave for San Diego last month look even shittier. The Red Sox went from two shortstops to none in a matter of weeks. The UCL is no joke as this bracing procedure is seen as an alternative to Tommy John surgery. Obviously, this is not like a pitcher having UCL damage but Story still needs to throw the ball regularly. I'd be shocked to see him back before the All-Star Break.

So what now for the Red Sox? This was already a team that had their starting pitching take a step back by losing Nathan Eovaldi, Michael Wacha and Rich Hill and replacing them with James Paxton (who has made six starts in the last three seasons) and Corey Kluber.

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This news makes the reality even clearer. Chaim Bloom needs to stop trying to spray a bathroom after a massive dump with Glade. It's not working. The room still smells like shit. They need to face reality and start looking towards the future. Stop thinking that you are fooling fans that you are contending by signing elderly players like Kluber and Justin Turner. No one is buying it. Red Sox fans are savvy enough to see the team for what it is. They knew Steve Avery was a desperate signing in 1997 and see Turner for what it is in 2023.

Spend this time making the fan experience more enjoyable. Have more giveaways and other perks to make fans feel valued at Fenway. Embrace that is a team that is looking towards tomorrow. Going to Fenway is no longer the place to be seen and a ticket that is difficult to get. People aren't going to pay those insane ticket prices just to go stare at a giant green wall and team mired in last place for two seasons.

This is a time to be creative. The Red Sox are by far the worst team in town. But if they finally embrace how bad they are, they can improve that much quicker. Work on the future and stop lying about the present. The 2023 season is over. Maybe that realization can make this Story injury a silver lining.