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If You Put Patrick Mahomes On Any NFL Team, They Would Make The Playoffs

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I think Patrick Mahomes is officially getting to the LeBron point where we are so used to his greatness, we don't appreciate how great he truly is. They took away his best receiver and he somehow got better. He makes nobodies into somebodies and he would do that on any team in the NFL. At least 8-9 teams have a better receiving corp than the Chiefs, but Mahomes is still putting up these ridiculous numbers. 

People just don't talk about it because Mahomes makes these mediocre guys really good due to his pure talent, and the Chiefs are expected to be the number 1 seed every year because of how good he is. I know I'm getting redundant (big word, no big deal) but if you put Mahomes on the Texans right now, he would make Brandin Cooks one of the best receivers in the NFL. Put him on other actual good rosters like the 49ers and he might never lose a game. 

We all need to stop and appreciate his greatness before he potentially wins another Super Bowl this year to go along with what could be his second MVP. My theory is it doesn't matter what team Mahomes played for this season, the Bears, the Texans, or even the Broncos with Nathaniel Hackett, he brings them to the playoffs. The only other quarterback that would have a shot at making the playoffs with any team is Josh Allen and Joe Burrow. But I really believe the only person I can say with 100% confidence would make the playoffs with all 32 NFL teams is Patrick Mahomes because he truly is that special.