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Max Duggan Couldn't Believe Even Georgia's Backups Were Putting Him On His Ass

Poor Max Duggan. This guy became America's sweetheart dicing up Big 12 defenses all season and then saw some 5-star defenders up close and looked like he had never thrown a football before.

And even with Georgia up 52 points in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs' backups were still blowing right past TCU's offensive line and putting Max Duggan in the dirt. Having played almost exclusively poverty defenses this season and throughout his career, Duggan was befuddled how a team's second stringers could still be so good. Welcome to the Southeastern Conference.

Max realized in that clip what many neutral observers already knew: we are all fucked. UGA has blue chip recruits three guys deep at every position just waiting their turn to become starters and do damage for a year or two before becoming first round picks. They're going to be a death machine for the foreseeable future.

Sorry you had to experience that, Max.