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A 23 Year Old's Take On The House Voting To Abolish Income Tax

I have been getting a W-2 since I was 14, working in various jobs from bus boy to lifeguard to youth football coach. Working was great because they give you money you could then spend on whatever the hell you wanted to. Whenever you were applying for a job you would figure out how much it paid, and then when you working you would try to calculate how much you could make the whole summer or that week. Then you would get the check at the end of the pay period and discover taxes...and your whole plan would be shot.

I don’t know how you could grow up in the U.S., work any type of job, and like taxes. Hell, the story of our country begins with hating taxes. I don’t usually get political but isn't it pretty damn universal that anyone that pays taxes ends up hating taxes? I mean if I didn't have to pay income tax like Rico I would probably have saved up enough to almost maybe have a down payment on a house, or even pay for an engagement ring and be closer to some sort of financial stability in order to one day start a family. I know I would still probably be far off because entertaining clients isn't cheap, but wouldn't most young people be in support of no income tax? I mean none of us are large business owners or high up in c-suite corporate places. We're just fellas trying to earn a decent wage and drink some Coors Lights. Like I am not 100% against taxes because I understand the kids need books and the bridges need to be built but you gotta let us common man breathe a little. 

I'm getting sidetracked but the Venmo $600 stuff is said to only be for goods, but most large transactions like that is buying stuff off your close friends. 

I just don’t understand $20 billion of Sam Bankman-Fraud didn't have to pay shit to anyone in regards to taxes, was able to use the money to influence politics, and W-2 peeps are still paying close to half their pay in some states. It just ain't right!

I know public works projects are important and social programs are essential, but anyone making income would probably be better off with cash in their pocket than large corporate tax cuts that put more money in shareholders' pocket who have a different way of getting income because it's unrealized and realized gains which are bullshit because all the government is insider trading and writing the laws to get out of taxes and passing the buck to my 23-year-old ass with a W-2. 

They just don't want me to gain enough income to go live off the electrical grid in a self-sufficient system where I don’t contribute to the economy and become a real Liver King without the steroids. Semi joking but make Amazon that uses the roads way more than I do pay more taxes. Don't we want young people getting closer to financial stability to create a family and great economic and population growth? Maybe I'll run for president. Billy Football: Fuck Taxes and Blue Mountains for Everyone.

And yes I know there is definitely way more to this than I know and maybe I am just still angry at being an adult but taxes are lame and I vote we shouldn't have to pay them!