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Here We Go Again! Carlos Correa Has Signed A 6 Year, $200 Million Deal With The....Minnesota Twins

RIP Carlos Correa's Mets tenure, which was roughly 2 weeks longer than his Giants tenure. It was almost too easy waking up to the Mets stealing a platinum glove shortstop to play at third in the middle of the night considering every Boras negotiation is like trying to draw blood from a stone. Now the Twins get him, at least pending a physical, which has already caused two deals to die.

Speaking of which, I don't know what Correa's ankle must look like, but it must resemble the wreckage of a plane crash if a Boras client took seven years and $150 million less than the first offer they received with the Giants. There will be plenty of people saying LOLMets to this. However those are also the same people that would be saying LOLMets if the Mets had a $300 million third baseman that was unable to walk due to some carnage in his ankle, which knowing the franchise's history would probably occur in the World Baseball Classic. This exact thing happened with the Kumar Rocker pick. The Mets got their pick back and took Kevin Parada. Now Uncle Stevie gets his $315 million back for whatever star he wants to add, along with probably Shohei Ohtani.

Speaking of which...

Whatever, that's for next offseason. This offseason was already a home run before Correa signed but he pushed it to a grand slam. A 101 win team pretty much coming back in tact and maybe a bit stronger will help me sleep at night, no matter how sweet Correa at the hot corner would've been. 

All this is just part of the story of how Brett Baty wins Rookie of the Year, which I will be responsibly betting on the Barstool Sportsbook as soon as it goes live. 

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