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Kirby Smart Somehow Got Georgia Players To Believe People Doubted Them And Thought They Would Go 7-5

This is truly insane. I really can't even bring myself to believe Kirby Smart and his players are being serious when they say anybody, let alone "everybody," doubted Georgia in any way whatsoever in 2022.

We're talking about the defending national champions who have 68 blue chip players — 4-star and 5-star recruits — and have now won 29 of their last 30 games. Not even the most ardent and football illiterate of haters would have said UGA was going to win seven games this year.

Smart is either the greatest motivator or greatest troll of all-time. I find it far more believable that he told the players at halftime they were all going to say they were doubted after the game as a joke than that he was able to actually got his team full of Monstars to believe nobody expected anything from them.

"They didn't listen to what everybody said about them."

What are we talking about?! I'm so genuinely confused because I don't think there's even a single clip Kirby could find of anyone saying anything remotely negative about Georgia this season and he somehow seemingly got his team to believe they were underdogs. UGA was the biggest favorite in any BCS or CFP National Championship Game.

If this bit is real and Smart can actually brainwash his players like this, college football is seriously fucked for about the next two decades. UGA will be on its fifth straight title and they'll show up to SEC Media Days talking about how nobody believes in them.