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A Mini-Pig That Used To Be Owned By Logan Paul Was Left For Dead In a Field, But Has Thankfully Been Rescued - Update: Logan Paul Responds

Apparently, Logan Paul's Mini Pig outgrew what he was told and somehow, not sure how it happened or if Paul is individually responsible, ended up in a field with another pig that was found dead. The pig, as you can tell from the spots is the same pig. 

Apparently, when Logan moved to Puerto Rico he rehomed the pig and the change of ownership may have resulted in this abandonment. 

Mini Pigs are the biggest scam out there and tons of people end up not doing their research and realize that it's just a malnourish potbelly pig. 

The catch? There really is no such thing as a teacup pig. So-called teacups are actually potbellied pigs who are either underfed so that their growth is stunted, or who are sold under false pretenses. Because pigs can breed when they are as young as three months old, the parents of a piglet may be piglets themselves; therefore, their size is not an accurate measure of how large their offspring will be in adulthood. Potbellied pigs can grow until they are five years old and reach well over 100 pounds. 

As an animal owner, I can advise the only MiniHog you can get is a Hedgehog and they themselves are a commitment. They run all night on their wheel and eat insane amounts of cat food for their size. 

As an animal owner and lover, I really don't understand how people don't do their research on the pets they are about to buy. That is almost half the fun of getting a new animal. The research and deciding which one is perfect for you and figuring out if you're a "Teacup pig" even exists. Not only that but of course there are situations where people have to rehome animals. In those situations, how do you not do all the research to ensure a situation like this doesn't happen where your former pet is found almost dead?

UPDATE: Logan Responds:

And passes the buck