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I'm Going To Be A Dad

At the end of today's ZBT, I made a sizable announcement - my wife and I are having our first child. If you care about her well being, please go subscribe to ZBT.


I have a million emotions swirling in my head currently so I don't know where to start or how to convey everything in a digestible manner. Maybe just some random thoughts:

  • My wife and I are so incredible happy. We are blessed and lucky. When she told me the first time I broke down with tears of joy 
  • The first time I heard the heartbeat - more tears 
  • Thinking about the tears now - more tears. Sorry, I'm a crier. 
  • I am amazing at keeping secrets but I also hate keeping secrets. Holding onto this information and not being able to share it widely was killing me…especially with Chaps and Kate. It was worth it to see their faces though - that made me happy. Shout to those folks I told ahead of time who kept it to themselves. 
  • Telling our family and friends has been enjoyable each and every time. Whenever other people announced a pregnancy I was always happy for them but to be on the other side of it now is wildly special. 

  • Part of me is scared. Is that okay to say? When I was 23 years old I was responsible for the lives of 33 other men. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't bring them all home safely and have to look someone's family in the eye to tell them I failed their son/brother/husband. I am infinitely more scared for this. 

  • I am so excited! I think it's crazy to think about all the twists and turns life will bring now. What activities/sports will she be into? Will she want to watch old movies with me? Will she be into her mother's music (heaven help us) or mine? Will she be a sassy teenager? Will I be a pushover? 

  • Dressing her up in cute outfits will be a blast 

  • My wife is going to be an awesome mom. Nothing more needs to be said. I'm lucky to have her to do this with 

That really is just a snippet of all the thoughts I have right now but I won't bore you as I'm sure they are similar to most first time parents. Maybe we will put together a discussion with other dads at Barstool to get their advice. Do we have a podcast for that?

One thing I've always wanted to do in my life was become a father and have a family. I get to do that now and I am approaching it as the greatest thing I'll ever do. Is that cheesy? Maybe but I don’t care. I'm just so darn happy. 

P.S. Interesting discussion on the show today about Prince Harry discussing how many people he killed in Afghanistan. Quite the juxtaposition with the announcement but interesting nonetheless