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Prince Harry Talked About Killing 25 Taliban Pieces of Shit And People Are Up In Arms About It Like Naive Imbeciles

Prince Harry released a new book called "Spare." I love the title because that is what Harry was called in some circles when he was a child. Most people know that William was always destined to be the Prince of Wales and then to be the King of England. William was the college playboy who was fucking in college and Harry was the rebellious one making insanely stupid mistakes like dressing up as a Nazi for Halloween. Harry played second fiddle to William who was born with YoYo Ma's cello in his hands. 

Prince Harry, after he grew up a ton, was the only member of the Royal Family to have real and actual combat experience. He was an Apache helicopter after going through the same exact training as everyone else. He did two tours in Afghanistan flying actual combat missions where his aircraft was responsible for killing 25 members of the Taliban. Like most pilots and ground operators, you watch film of your battles like, as Kate said on the show, football coaches and players do film. You see where you need to improve and if you missed anything. Film review and after-action reports are some of the most common modern practices in war - to the point where there are cameras mounted on most aircraft now. But, most people don't know that because it's an ugly truth; nevertheless, it is a truth no matter how ugly that truth may be.

People die in war. Always have. Always will. Obviously, we would like to have the civilian deaths completely avoided, and we killed far too many innocents in Afghanistan- including women and children- and that shouldn't have happened. Those strikes make your stomach turn and you weep for the families who needlessly lost their loved ones. No one wanted that. No one. I served with some violent operators who marched to the sounds of the guns and they did everything they could to avoid that ugly and terrible aspect of war. 

There will always be people who do not have the stomach to know that Harry and countless others have killed people. Those deaths, however, should come as no surprise. In modern times, people love to have their heads in the sand about this kind of stuff. Media members and pundits put their heads in the sand while the Taliban keeps sending the heads of people to the ground for simple things like adultery, petty theft, or being gay. One simple fact remains, if you send people to war for 20 years, there will absolutely be a stack of bodies or, as Harry called them in his book, chess pieces tossed off the board. We all have chess pieces. They want to remove ours before we remove theirs. It just so happens that for 20 years we were constantly yelling check while they wiggled out and we didn't take out enough of their queens and rooks even though we killed their king in Osama Bin Laden. 

People die. Sometimes warriors talk about their experiences and they should. We have talked about the number of kills, the number of raids, and the number of bombs found on the side of the road since the onset of war itself. War is a numbers game. Those numbers are even written as a badge of honor in your award citations. You want your side's numbers much lower than theirs. Harry's 25-0 helped that cause and I will never shed a tear or apologize for having killed or having my brothers and sisters in arms, including Harry, having done the same. Those people and ISIS deserved to die and I'm glad that Harry and others pulled those triggers. A thousand deaths is what the Taliban deserve and I'm not at all offended by what Harry said. In fact, it's time that someone in his position, with a loud voice, said it. War is ugly. If you don't wanna hear about 25 people getting killed, don't send people to an endless war otherwise you'll be counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums even if you chose to be deaf about it. 

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