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Power Ranking Greatest "Clownings" In Football

Last night we saw one of the greatest Clownings in history. The combination of the national championship game and the art of clowning is only practiced by teams that simply are so good they can really fuck around. When a team is simply so good they can try out the shit they do in practice when they are bored and want to spice it up. They are literally SO BORED during the game they start to do things to entertain themselves when the competition is lacking. 

Most of these come with a lot of recency bias, and include a lot of the Chiefs, but its a great list never the less. 

#1 The First Recorded Clowning

I have no idea the context of this clowning. I don’t know whose playing, I don’t know what year it is. But Its #1 because it set the tone of the next century of football. These guys clowned so these next guys could circus. 

#2 A Clowning So Bad It was A Circus 

This is just egregious. Playing ring around the roses before a play to confuse personnel and formation recognition. If any coach even tried this without being awesome they would be immediately fired. Clowning could be argued to even enhance team's abilities because they can do more ridiculous shit and improve their performance. ABSOLUTE CIRCUS. 

#3 Frog Leg Feast At SoFi

Clowning is less common at the college level because coaches try to keep it classy. It's hard to get away with any sort of clowning in college. But a group of Georgia players clowned the fuck out of the Horned Frogs in a display we haven't seen at the college level. 

They started accepting wings from the crowd and eating on the sidelines after being benched when up 50+ points. 

Like those at home, the Georgia players sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed wings. All the while, TCU was still getting run through by backups. I believe this clowning was justified since players were all mostly benched starters who would not return to the game, and the Horned Frogs had been clowning their opponents with various iterations of the Hypnotoad all season. 

Eating on the sideline is one of the best clowning moves in all of sports. It is the ultimate sign of a blowout. If someone had a cold beer with them at the end of the game, it would probably be an amazing time to crack it and watch the backups ball out. 

#4 Anything Deion Sanders 

Legend of The clowning game. Even if they weren't blowing the other team out, Deion was winning the game within the game and he was clowning on someone. 

#5 Randy Moss Mooning

A "Disgusting Act"

#6 Tyreek's Cheer Routine

This clowning was so bad Patrick Mahomes (Some would say the current #1 clowner out there) is stopping it. Its the third quarter and they are only up 4 scores and they are dancing with the cheerleaders at Arrowhead. 

#7 Deebo Whips the Chain Out

Stunting on everyone. 

#8 Bosa Goes Master Chief TBag

Throwback to Halo, bringing non-football things like Video games are a bonus. Totally a nerd move but if you are getting blown out cant call them a nerd. 

#9 Fat Guy Touchdowns (In General)

#10 Fucking around on Punts (In General)