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Livvy Dunne Did A Crazy Split And Then Flexed On TikTok Haters By Telling Them How Rich She Is

I'll be honest: I was trying to find a reason to blog this TikTok because clicks pay the bills around here and obviously, you clicked. And then I scrolled through the comments and saw Livvy Dunne put a hater in a bodybag and the real story wasn't even about the video anymore.

Go off, Livvy! Flex on 'em!

Imagine coming for the hottest girl in the streets right now? Hopefully Ella has provided the rest of the haters with a blueprint for what will happen if you try to go at Livvy's neck. She's going to reach into her Scrooge McDuck-like vault, pull out a stack of $100 bills, wave them in your face and laugh.

Livvy's next L will be her first.