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Things Are Going So Bad For The Clippers, Big Men Are Fighting Each Other In The Stands With Their Asses Hanging Out

This might be the epitome of a big man brawl. Two guys tumbling over each other before a break in the action (mutually agreed upon) to pull up pants because their ass is hanging out. But really this sums up where the Clippers are. You lose 6 in a row you have Typhoon and Earthquake turning on each other in the upper deck. You think Eddie and Clem would ever turn on each other? Think again. The one lesson you learn from a young age is big men stick together. Watch an offensive line walk around campus one time. Watch a couple big men go to a restaurant together. They stick together.

Now the Clippers are ruining that and we have them putting the entire Staples Center in jeopardy. What if that tumble goes the wrong way? What if they tumble in a soft spot together. 

I do have it to hand it to the clear winner - the guy on top. Get leverage, roll the other big man over on the chairs and use everything to your advantage. Tough for the people behind them. No one wants to see that ass. It's like when Rikishi would come running at someone in the corner.

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Get it together Clippers. You can't be out here losing 6 in a row. Get Kawhi and Paul George healthy and playing together for multiple games. Stop running starting lineups like we saw against Dallas which included - Morris, Zubac, Jackson, Kennard and Mann. Otherwise we're only going to see more big man fights. No one wants to see that.