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Georgia Was So Bored Kicking TCU's Ass, Players Started Grabbing Food From The Stands During The 4th Quarter

This is as mean as it gets. Sure, guys eat on the sidelines all the time. But that's team-issues snacks. You're not wandering over to the VIP section, grabbing some chicken nuggets and bringing them back to the team meeting. Not to mention ALL that is going on with the Luka Doncic/TCU hype video in the 4th quarter. 

Why save that for the 4th quarter? Anywho, this is about grabbing food from the VIP area. What a move. I love it. It's also so goddamn disrespectful in the national title game. It's like the sidelines equivalent of Georgia taking a knee 3 times and then punting. 

Great move to go with chicken nuggets. But you need dipping sauce. Quick ranking of standard dipping sauces:

1. Chipotle ranch

2. Chick-Fil-A sauce

3. Spicy BBQ

You need dipping sauce for chicken nuggets. You can't just raw dog those bad boys. 

You gotta know that Kirby didn't give a shit. When you're up by roughly 432 points in the national title game, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Start eating, start celebrating. Milton already had a touchdown. Can't believe they waited until after the game ended for this: 

What an ass kicking.