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If This Is Really Kirby Smart's Pregame Pump Up Speech Then It's A Miracle TCU Kept It To A 58 Point Game


Holy shit. If this is really his pregame speech, which the internet is saying that it is, then I think we have to credit TCU for only losing by 58. We should actually refund those who took TCU +12.5. They had no way of knowing Kirby Smart was about to give a speech like THAT. My god, I could go hit the gym and do multiple bench presses of the bar after hearing that. 

Tonight was an absolute tub thumping, and now we know why. Kirby is the anti-Dabo, and man I am here for it.


PS: I absolute LOVE the "everyone doubted us" routine. Never gets old.



PS: Some replies are suggesting this is from before the LSU game but just surfaced tonight. Either way, it all makes sense now.