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Amazing News: Damar Hamlin Has Made Such An Incredible Recovery He's Already Out Of The ICU And Has Traveled Back Home To Buffalo

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

A week ago today the sports world received a shock wave. It was truly a horrifying sight to see as first responders rushed the field in Cincinnati to try and revive Damar Hamlin. When ESPN returned from commercial break and told us he was receiving CPR on the field I don't think I was alone in experiencing a true loss for words. Everyone was forced to sadly think the worst was about to happen, but thanks to the incredible first responders, trainers, and physicians who helped Damar we've got quite the opposite news. 

In just a week's time Damar Hamlin has been released from the ICU in Cincy and has traveled back home to Buffalo. I don't think doctors could have imagined a better case scenario at this point. I mean the guy is walking, talking, eating, you name it. 

Hell, the guy set off alarms in the ICU yesterday after Hines' opening kickoff return for a TD. 

Here's a quick video with Dr. William Knight giving his final update on Hamlin. 

He'll be monitored in a Buffalo hospital for a little bit to make sure everything continues to check out, but I imagine he'll be able to go home not too long after that. 


Gotta think there's a decent chance he finds his way to Orchard Park on Sunday for the Bills opening playoff game. Can you imagine the kind of lift that's gonna give the team? Bills by a thousand.