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LSU Officials Were Forced To Move Livvy Dunne’s Team Bus After a Horde Of Teenagers Mobbed It Outside Of Her Competition

Yeeesh. Yeah... this ain't it. What a bunch of little nerds. Learn how to internet creep like adults, you clowns! It really isn't that hard. All ya gotta do is follow the attractive person on social media and scroll through all their pics before you go to bed each night. Not mob her team's bus after a meet. It's internet creeping 101, an entry level course that should be exceptionally easy to pass with flying colors.

It's just like that episode of South Park where Bebe grew tits and all the dudes freak out because they don't know how to be human in the presence of an attractive woman:

This is episode was some of Matt and Tray's finest work, btw. The kids that mobbed Livvy's bus should have watched it beforehand though. It'd have coached them up on how to not act in the presence of an attractive woman. 

It ain't a secret why she's the most popular gymnast on the planet right now, though. Wars are started over women that look like this: