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Kenny Golladay Has Us Giants Fans Living In A Fantasy World After Doing The Impossible .... Catching A Touchdown

Kenny Golladay reminds us Giants fans of the worst times. The Dave Gettleman times. He somehow swindled Gettleman into that $72 million deal. All that for zero touchdown catches ... until yesterday. Until that magical ball floated in the air and somehow, someway, landed in his arms. It was thought of as impossible. We never thought we'd see the day. The day Kenny Golladay and his contract actually did it. Caught a touchdown. 

Now we're in fantasy land.

What if....what if he does it again? 

Remember this is the same Kenny Golladay who barely could catch any pass. This is the same Kenny Golladay who couldn't even get on the field. He's behind guys like Isaiah Hodgins, Richie fucking James and Darius Slayton. But what if he simply remembers how to catch the ball? Is this the secret weapon the Giants could have in the playoffs? We've seen shit like this happen before where the Giants come in as a wild card and get hot. 

I mean, sure, it's a fantasy. But I'm not the only Giants fan to think so. 

There's no reason for us to believe in Golladay. He's given us, well, nothing. BUT, this is what playoff football does to you. It feels good to be alive again. It feels good to close my eyes and picture Kenny Golladay with 3 catches in a real game and one of those being a touchdown. Shit, I'd settle for a first down catch. 

If the Giants can make the playoffs. If Daniel Jones can shut us all up. If Saquon can stay healthy. If Wink turns the defense into old school style. That all happened. Now what if Kenny Golladay remembers how to play wide receiver and tries? Minnesota isn't invincible. We've called them frauds all season long. See here I go again. 

One touchdown and this is what happens.