Jared Jeffries Won A New Car On The Price Is Right This Morning While Also Making Drew Carey Look 2 Feet Tall

IS THERE ANYTHING JARED JEFFRIES CAN'T DO?!? I guess putting a ball in a hoop is a fair reply considering his career 4.8 points per game average. But Jared was able to do a lot of the little things during his playing days that kept him in The Association for 11 seasons, which is why I'm not surprised he would know the manufacturers suggested retail price for items.

However the craziest part of this video was Drew Carey looking like the mayor of Munchkin City before giving away a fancy new ride to Jared.

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What in the name of Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve is going on here? I know a bunch of celebs are lowkey tiny people but you never realize due to the magic of Hollywood and camera angles can be a motherfucker for anybody, especially when the guy playing that angle is 6'11. But I always thought that Drew Carey was tall enough to not be considered short. According to the Google machine, Drew Carey is a respectable 5'10, which is the same height as some of the content titans here at Barstool (who may or may not have had some bad angled pictures taken of them).

Actually you know what? The biggest takeaway now is that Bob Barker is listed at 6'1. I suppose that could be a generous listing by The Price Is Right like when colleges add a few inches to a prospect's bio that nobody will know about until their respective draft combine. Yet I choose to believe that Bob Barker would've been a perfectly fine point guard back in the day of Bob Cousy or even a strong, slender fighter if he went into boxing.

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Blogger's Note: These are literally the three first Bob Barker gifs that appear when I search his name, which is hilarious in one sense yet tragic in another because the man had so many classic hosting moments with that awkwardly skinny microphone.

Anyway, it was nice to get an entertaining Price Is Right video for the first time in FOREVER and to randomly see what Jared Jeffries is up to these days.

P.S. I was wondering why Jared was laughing so much. Maybe it was the excitement of winning a newwwwwww carrrrrr (said in the Price Is Right announcer's voice) or that someone who made $40 million playing a kid's game could land a free $22,376 automobile.

However I imagine it was probably the thought of cramming his 6'11 ass into that moderately sized (and priced) Toyota.

P.P.S. I had to search how tall the tall guy from Who's Line Is It Anyway is just to gauge his height vs. Drew Carey's height since he always appeared much taller than Drew on both Who's Line Is It Anyway and The Drew Carey Show but I couldn't remember his name. Being able to get the name and the height with 2 extremely basic Google searches is why the internet is the best.

P.P.P.S. Here is the Wayne Brady sketch from Chappelle's Show since I just saw his name and have to include it anytime that's the case, which is admittedly something I didn't see coming when I started a blog about Jared Jeffries winning a free car on The Price Is Right.