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Alec Baldwin Used His Children To Beg The Internet To Help Get His Wife A Million Followers On Instagram For Her Birthday

This is maybe one of the most bizarre, embarrassing videos I have ever seen. I can't stand the present-day Baldwins. Hilaria is out of her mind as it is, and this seemingly hostage-style video of Alec begging the internet to grow her following on instagram "as a birthday present" leaves me with zero doubt that there is a single shred of reality left in that house. 

A crucial part of this plea is the fact that Hilaria's birthday is on January 6th. "We have other meanings for January 6th, that's just Hilaria's birthday to us." I would bet my life and sell my soul that Hilaria has made the past 2 years all about her on her birthday, and not in the usual way. I picture her crying at home and complaining that the antics at The Capitol have "ruined her birthday." So, what is a husband to do about that? Beg, repeatedly, for his wife to hit the 1 million mark on IG.

Are we all in agreement that Alec Baldwin went too far in his method acting of being Donald Trump, that now he has just become Donald Trump? Obviously not in politics, but in personality? How many times did he say "Instagram" in these videos? "Instagram, it's a great app, great for working, very good app." Straight out of Trump's book. The kids are hostages too clearly, being forced to push their mother's IG that features the children in question almost exclusively. Alec even says, "Am I begging? I wouldn't say I'm begging." Dude, you are BEGGING. You said "Please"!!! Weird as fuck all around. 

Hilaria did, in fact, hit a million followers. Now I'm making it my personal mission to make sure the "centimeter of people" who pushed her to the limit, reconsider and unfollow immediately.