Oregon Coach Dan Lanning Got One Of The Most Preposterous Tattoos You've Ever Seen

Now that is definitely ... something.

Oregon head coach Dan Lanning revealed a new tattoo that takes up an entire side of his torso and you can't fault him for lack of uniqueness, that's for sure. The tattoo is of Lanning's wife, Sauphia, with other tattoos of her own. Tattoo-ception, if you will.

The tattoo includes 816 which is the area code of Lanning's hometown Kansas City, logos of the schools where Lanning has coached — including a Pitt logo placed so deep in his wife's cleavage (respectfully) that you can't even see the whole thing, the 33-18 score of last year's UGA national title game win over Alabama, and his children's names.

As wild of a tattoo as it may be, I appreciate Lanning getting a tat of all the meaningful things in his life. You hear it all the time, "I want a tattoo but I want it to mean something". Well, this is clearly a guy who definitely loves his wife, his kids and football. The 3 most meaningful things in any man's life, and they are now inked on him forever. Gotta respect that. There *might* been a different way to put all this stuff into a tattoo, but if Lanning likes it, that's all that matters.

I just hope Sauphia okayed this ... and I hope she gets a matching one of him. Goals.