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Despite Starring In "Remember The Titans", Wood Harris Doesn't Know A Thing About Football Movies

TMZ- Listen up, movie buffs -- Wood Harris, a staple in some of the biggest sports flicks ever -- is giving TMZ Sports a list of his top football movies of all time... and, yes, "Remember The Titans" did make his cut!!

The 53-year-old, who famously played Julius Campbell in the legendary 2000 Denzel Washington film, broke down his four favorite pigskin-themed features with us out in LA this week ... and there weren't too many shockers.

This pains me to write this, because Wood Harris is a TERRIFIC actor. He's been great on Winning Time as Spencer Haywood , he was obviously fantastic in Remember The Titans 


He was amazing as Avon Barksdale in The Wire 

I genuinely think he's terrific in everything he's in, so to bash him for anything is painful. Unfortunately I have to after seeing his Top 4 (even though the girl asked for Top 5) football movies. 


Now, he gets a little bit of pass here because people coming up to you randomly on the street and asking you a question you didn't expect is pretty tough. I sympathize a little bit with Wood here to try and make a list off the top of his head, but where he loses a little credibility is he can't even name 5 off the top of his head. He goes right to the reporter for the list. C'mon Wood. 

Also Rudy? Please. Rudy is massively overrated the more you watch it. Massively. Rolling Stone can go kick rocks since they made Rudy #1 on their list. He does get points not listing The Program because that movie SUCKS so much. But he missed the mark with some really good ones. 

Here's what Wood should have gone with : 

4- Remember The Titans 

I'll give my boy Wood some love here, Remember The Titans can be on the list. It's not the best in terms of quality of football scenes, but the message resonates forever. Denzel is terrific in it. 

3- Any Given Sunday 

Pacino's speech puts this on the top of the lists without a doubt. A realistic (while a bit exaggerated at times) look into the chaos of an NFL locker room and front office. Good action shots, great cast. 

2- All The Right Moves 


Absolutely slept on football movie. Small town. Kids trying to escape the small town, kids getting stuck in the small town. A coach with bigger dreams, a kid with bigger dreams. Terrific moments and it feels like no one talks about this movie. One of my favorites that flys under the radar. Worth the watch. 

1- Friday Night Lights 

Without a doubt the best football movie of all time and you are a fool if you disagree. It's shot well, it's heartwarming, it's realistic, and anyone who ever put on pads can connect with it considering most of the population's career's end on a high school football field. Billy Bob Thorton is fantastic in this, and it has so many terrific moments and great lines. Watched it every week when I went to bed the night before I had a game in college. It's the best football movie of all time.