Jimmy Page MESMERIZING Jack White With The 'Whole Lotta Love' Riff Is One Of My Favorite Clips Ever

When I woke up this morning and fired up The Bird™, I saw that Jimmy Page was trending, and as always with older rockstars/celebrities - my heart sank. 

"Not today", I thought. "Please god no. Not Jimmy Page. Don't start this way, 2023!"

Turns out it's just the guy's birthday tho. 

Twitter's gotta be better about that shit if you're askin me. One of these days I'm actually going to have a heart attack when I see Paul McCartney trending for some silly reason unrelated to his health, but I digress....

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Page, who turns 79 years old today!

One of the greatest guitarists in rock n' roll history - a two time member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame with Led Zeppelin and The Yardbirds - and one of the few rockstars alive who still have a larger-than-life gravitas about them, if you're asking me.

I think Jack White would agree, as well - judging by the clip I've based this blog around....

During the filming of the documentary 'It Might Get Loud' - which features a conversation between three eras of guitar greats: Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White - Page breaks out into the riff from 'Whole Lotta Love', and to say he absolutely captivates Jack White would be an understatement.

White puts hit guitar down and stares at the Led Zeppelin guitarist's fingers playing his most iconic riff like he just unlocked all of life's secrets in front of him, showed him definitive proof of heaven, and handed him a billion dollars all at once. 

The Edge is mesmerized himself, and can't wipe the smile off his face, either. This is one of their heroes, standing before them and doing what he's so legendary for...and he's still everything you'd want him to be. I mean, the way he still does the classic Jimmy Page leans as he strums?! It's amazing. Truly one of my favorite clips of all time.

If you haven't seen 'It Might Get Loud' - check it out! It's an awesome watch an available for like $3.99 on all the streaming sites.

I'd love to see a sequel with three other guitarists slotted in - guys with vastly different styles. Something like Keith Richards, Tom Morello, and John Mayer. 

Oh, and one more recommendation? Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes Live at the Greek in 2000; if you're a Zep fan, I promise you won't regret it….