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Victory Monday! The Browns Have Finally Fired Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods (Only 15 Games Too Late)

I say we hire him back....AND FIRE HIS ASS AGAIN TOMORROW! Send a message. Let's sue him for his salary from this season as well. I'd say we have a legitimate case. There's not a guy who has done less with more talent this year than Joe Woods. Close 2nd: Kevin Stefanski. 

The fact of the matter is that Joe Woods should've been fired 15 games ago (if not last year). Immediately after the Browns blew a 13 point lead in the final 1:22 against the God Damn Jets in Week 2, it was clear he wasn't the right guy for the job. Instead, Stefanski and the Browns should loyalty over brains and continued to ride with Joe. Joe proceeded to turn in historically terrible performance after historically terrible performance, which led to Browns fans showing up to the game in paper bags to talk about the DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR.

Kirk Irwin. Shutterstock Images.

Who does that for a Defensive Coordinator? That shows how bad he was. Blown lead after blown lead. And that picture was taken when the sun was still shining and you didn't need a jacket. Joe Woods absolutely needed to go by October, but he lasted until January 9th.

I don't understand why the Browns chose to keep him around, especially when he himself said we had a Top 5 talented defense when we were ranked 30TH!!! in the NFL.

He was literally giving Kevin Stefanski the ammo to get rid of him, but Kevin stuck by his guy. But finally, after a 99.9% disapproval rate from Browns fans, he's gone. Talk about a Victory Monday!!!!

Now do special teams coach Mike Priefer next! And then do we discuss Stefanski? I'd say he's safe. But it's certainly a question…