We Very Well May Have Just Watched The End Of The Dan Snyder Era In Washington. Wow.


60 yards in the air to Terry, my goodness!

Today, we sadly ended another sad season in Washington. A season of high hopes and major let downs. A season where Ron Rivera coached his way out of games, where Taylor Heinicke cemented himself as an all-time legend, and a season that very well might be the last time we ever see Dan Snyder own this team.

We can talk about how Ron and Scott need to go. We can talk about how we are still in QB purgatory, despite how Sam Howell showed flashes today, reminded us why he was once considered the top QB in the draft. But right now we need to talk about how we might have just watched the last game under Dan Snyder's reign of terror.



From the top in the league in attendance to the bottom. Nonstop lawsuits and PR nightmares. Terrible drafting, terrible coaching, and 2 playoff wins in 23 years. And now we might never have to see a game with Dan Snyder as the owner ever again. I might cry tears of joys. I always believed this day would come but now that it's happening it's so unbelievable. 

Yeah, this was a wasted year. So much talent on defense, so much talent at the WR position, but it all was for nothing. This team is close though, and hopefully our new owner gets us to where we want to be. See you at the Super Bowl next year, courtesy of Mr. Bezos/Jay Z/Anyone but Snyder.

Fuck Dan Snyder Forever.