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Eagles Clinch #1 Seed And The NFC Playoffs Must Go Through South Philly

Cool beans! Awesome sauce! Spanks ahoy!  

First off, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni, Howie Roseman, and every player who balled out all season. 14-3 and clinching the #1 seed wasn't on too many people's radar before the year began. It's certainly an accomplishment that should be celebrated before getting back to work for the first playoff game two weeks from now. 

But you know what else would be nice? Not limp dicking into the playoffs losing 2 of 3 in which the single win came with an even limper dick vs. the Giants backup squad at home. Not exactly inspirational stuff. Yeah, Hurts is hurt, others are out, blah blah blah. Some actually good excuses for the decrescendo into the postseason. Still, it's tough watching this team outright dominate 90% of the season only to have people question how they're going to fair as the #1 seed in the NFC. Everyone needs to get better and it starts with the coaching in all 3 phases of the ball. Especially you, Mr. Gannon. If that was an actual offense on the field today for the Giants then shit probably would've went the other way. 

This is a little different than the Underdogs of '17 where the Eagles had homefield throughout the playoffs yet still weren't favorites in any single postseason game. They're going to be expected to win. Get healthy. Get right. Become dominant again. Take out the trash in the Divisional Round and we'll go from there. 

17 down. 3 to go. Go Birds. 

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