Don't Cry Because The Browns Season Happened, Smile Because It's Over

Thank God. It's finally over, folks. There is no more next week. We can stop suffering now. We don't need to feel this pain until next September.

But my goodness did this team go out with a bang. In classic Cleveland Browns fashion, we were out coached, out played, the refs were against us, and we lost to a team that we have substantially better players than. The perfect embarrassing ending to the most embarrassing of seasons.

Well said, Mr. Burge. I concur. We knew the Browns were going to bad in most years. This year? We thought the Browns were going to be GOOD. Really good. 

It all started back in March when we swindled Amari Cooper for pennies on the dollar.

The a week later, we traded for our franchise QB, who I knew would be out what, maybe 4 games tops?

And we locked in the Warden for the long term.

At this point in time, I thought the Browns were BACK. I would've called us not only the AFC North frontrunners, but potentially th entire AFC frontrunners on April 18th, 2022. I mean, we had the talent (I thought), we had the coach (I thought), and we had the camaraderie (I thought) as Deshaun and Myles Garrett were competing by taking the offense and defense on different vacations. What could possibly derail this season?!

Everything. Everything that could've went wrong did. The suspension was bigger than expected, and then got doubled. The Baker Mayfield drama hung around for far too long. Kareem Hunt requested a trade. Jaguars fans welcomed Deshaun's first preseason game with a beautiful "You Sick Fuck!" chant. We had to face Baker Mayfield in Week 1 (and it took a 58 yarder from a rookie kicker to beat him). WE CUT JOSH ROSEN?! We blew a game we had a 99.9% chance of winning according to gamecast. We blew about 5 more games. Our defensive coordinator said we had a top 5 talented defense when we were ranked 30th overall. Myles Garrett got in a car accident for going fast fast and Deshaun Watson got a ticket for going 97 mph. We had a phantom false start that cost us the Ravens game. Kareem Hunt showed up in a Joker mask to discuss requesting a trade. A skunk showed up in the stands. Deshaun finally came back and looked substantially worse than his backup. And we got eliminated from playoff contention before Christmas.

What. A. Year.

This is going to be a longgggggg off-season. And it should be. Why should anybody be safe? I know last week I said Stefanski is keeping his job but now that it's all said and done, is he? Is Andrew Berry? Joe Woods BETTER NOT BE. Sports talk radio is going to be a circus day in and day out. And we completely earned it.

Don't tell me this season was a wash from the beginning or that it's purpose was to just shake the rust off Watson. The fact of the matter is that Deshaun Watson came back and played 6 games after his suspension ended. How many of them did he look worth the money in? I would say 0. And don't forget we beat the Steelers the first time around without him. Today? 2 interceptions and SEVEN SACKS. Sacks: 7. Nick Chubb carries: 12. And that's why nobody should be safe.

Whatever. There's always next year. And now it's time for the Browns Super Bowl: the NFL Draft. What pick do we have? Oh wait we traded it to the Texans.