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Colts Offensive Lineman Heroically Strips Ball From His Own Teammate In What Continues to Be One of The Greatest Tanks In NFL History

A sincere tip of my cap to Colts offensive lineman Cameron McGrone. He understands what the Colts need to do today. That's how you take matters into your own hands. That is how you tank a football game. 

I wrote all about it in a Jim Irsay blog a couple days ago, but I could make the argument that the 2022-2023 Colts are in the midst of one of the best tank jobs in NFL history. It's a little tough to say that considering that they aren't going to get the number 1 pick, but when the Colts decided it was time to tank, the tanked their nuts off. To just shamelessly disgrace your franchise in pursuit of a higher draft pick is something to be commended.

If they end up beating the Texans today, then all bets are off. But if they can pull out this loss, it's the perfect cherry on top to one of the most courageous tanks in NFL history. The Texans have even more of a reason to lose this game than the Colts do. Do you know how hard it is to lose to a team when they have the #1 pick on the line? Not just anyone can do that. But Jim Irsay and Jeff Saturday sure as fuck can. What we are seeing so far today is the whole team buying in and working towards a common goal. Thank you Cameron McGrone. You'll probably be rewarded by getting cut in the off-season, but for now, Colts nation appreciates you greatly.