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The Titans Almost Completed One Of The Crazier Plays You've Ever Seen.....Except It Was Illegal By 5 Yards

Potentially last game of the season, Mike Vrabel and the Titans can't hold anything back now! Have to empty the playbook, and that is exactly what the Titans did with this third and 15.....forward pass that was supposed to be a lateral? Treylon Burks made the catch and seemingly knew he had an open teammate behind him. As he was getting tackled he decided to throw it about 5 yards forward instead of making it a lateral. 5 yard penalty and loss of down....but man that would have been sick. Gotta think that is just how Vrabes and Todd Downing drew it up!

Seems like only the Patriots and Titans have been listening to PFT, guy has been preaching it forever. Vrabel is a known stoolie so it makes sense he would take this from the PFT school of ball. What an awesome play it would have been. Also almost a very stupid play, but no harm no foul! Gotta empty the clip in a do or die game, I respect the Titans for calling it and Burks for having the balls to actually do it. What a hilarious play. Titans do have good luck with laterals though, so I get it.