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The Broncos Are Going After Sean Payton And Have Received Permission From The Saints To Interview Him

The Denver Broncos have requested permission from the Saints to interview Sean Payton to be their next head coach and who can blame them?

At the end of a total train wreck season and with an ownership group (Waltons) that has more money than God, this is the right and obvious move. Someone has to save Russell Wilson after he rode the Broncos into the ground. 

Wilson is guaranteed a WHOPPING 165 MILLION DOLLARS in his contract and is not going anywhere. And who better to coach him than Sean P after Drew Brees and him re-wrote the NFL record books in New Orleans and won a Super Bowl?!?!

There are a couple of hurdles to figure out here.

1) Does Sean Payton Believe in Russ?

I heard from my reliable Saints source that the organization had no interest in trading for Russ last offseason when he became available because they hated his film. The Saints had an obvious need at QB too. Hell they still do. Sean Payton had to be part of that. Clearly it will not be about the money as the Waltons will make him the highest paid coach in the league.

2) What kind of compensation do the Saints Want?

The Broncos traded A TON of their future draft capital to the Seahawks in the Wilson trade. They do however own the San Francisco 49ers late 1st round pick in the 2023 Draft. One would think this makes sense for both parties after Nathaniel Hackett did one of the worst coaching jobs in NFL history and the Saints traded their 2023 1st for the Eagles late 1st in the 2022 Draft to take LT Trevor Penning who has battled injuries in his rookie year.

3) What other teams will go after Payton?

Arizona seems like a logical candidate with the Kingsbury era unraveling. Now there are rumors flying around that Sean McVay could be leaving the Rams. Payton does have some LA ties too. The thought of him even considering the Rams after the 2018 NFC Title Game literally makes me want to hurl. Let's move on immediately. Dolphins rumors have also been floating around since last offseason. I would be shocked if they moved on from Mike McDaniel but who knows?

The moral of the story is Sean Payton will be coaching somewhere in 2023. The Waltons should throw their money down before someone else does it to restore the pride of the Denver Broncos great franchise.