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Hillary Clinton Joins Prestigious University As A Global Affairs Professor: Some Thoughts

Good for Hillary. Pretty neat.  Anyway, the Jaguars play a HUGE game tonight. In the last decade and a half, there hasn't been much to be excited about. The boys from Duval have let me down time and time again except for the anomaly of 2017. Whether it's draft busts like Justin Blackmon, "Sure Things" like Luke Joeckle, Blake Bortles, Leonard Fournette (he was TRASH in Jax and it wasn't the line. Undrafted RB James Robinson got 1200 yards that same year,) Taven Bryan, Blaine Gabbert, losing Allen Robinson and on and on.

Things are different now. Trevor Lawrence changes everything and will for a long time to come. It's incredible knowing that the Jaguars will be in the playoffs for the next 15 years after only making it once in the last decade plus. Having Dougie P, Trevor, ETN, Christian Kirk, and Evan Ingram is fucking incredible.  Add in Calvin Ridley next year and WHEW. Watching the defense fly around and hit, pick, and hold the other offenses down is something I could get used to. 

I was talking with a Titans fan today. One thing is for certain, I think that the Jaguars will win and win big tonight. If they don't, the baton is already passed. I know it. Titans fans know it. Titans players know it. The Jaguars are the new kings of the AFC south. That either happens tonight or next year but, when it comes, it will be here for a long, long time. The coronation will be here soon. 

I've never been so glad to be wrong.