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The Chiefs Playing Ring Around The Rosie Before Going To The Line Is The Cockiest Move In NFL History

Just absolutely mean ... bullies. The Raiders are out of it and rolling out Jarrett Stidham and getting smoked 24-3 in the first half which is bad enough. But now the Chiefs are essentially playing with their food and making an absolutely mockery of a once storied franchise? Bullies. Just absolutely bullies the Chiefs are. 

Ps- Patrick Mahomes is disgustingly good. Like maybe we should start talking about where he can realistically finish in the list of best ever. That's not a hot take / joke or click bait. The dude is in his 5th season starting. He's led them to win a Super Bowl, made a Super Bowl and 2 AFC Title games. 24,000 yards 191 TD's in his career and an MVP trophy. It's time to start asking questions of where he will end up on the all time list. It is. 

This is insane.