"This Guy Is A Legend" - An Emotional Rex Ryan Speaks On How Inspirational Damar Hamlin Has Been

Between listening to former Bills head coach Rex Ryan's heartfelt words on Damar Hamlin and even searching the database for images for this blog, I'm getting pretty misty over here. If you're a human being, it's hard not to.

What appeared to be a routine hit on a football field quickly spiraled into a life-threatening situation for Damar Hamlin. Thanks to the work of first responders, medical personnel at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Hamlin's own ability to fight that Ryan underscores, he has now become someone the entire NFL community and even folks probably outside of it have rallied around.

Millions of dollars have been raised for Hamlin's charity toy drive. Every team is paying tribute to him. Millions of people around the country are sending prayers, positive energy and get-well cards his way. The best part is, Hamlin is deemed neurologically intact, has woken up, and continues to make progress as of today.

As Damar Hamlin's uncle put it — thanks to Cameron Wolfe for passing this info along. among many other excellent updates throughout the past week — his nephew has now basically become America's nephew. Not really a stretch to say that whatsoever.

Not much else to add except that everyone is grateful to see Hamlin's health improve to such a degree after needing to be revived on the field this past Monday night. Everything about this situation continues to blow me away, and you can't say enough about how strong Hamlin is to fight this hard. A legend indeed. Well said, Rex Ryan.

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