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Former Miss Alabama Claims Dwight Howard Couldn't Stop Farting Around Her On 'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test'

[Source] - Former "Bachelorette" Hannah Brown says her time on the "Special Forces: World's Toughest Test" was a total nightmare ... but it wasn't due to the crazy physical challenges she had to go through -- it's 'cause Dwight Howard wouldn't stop ripping ass!!

"Well, Dwight Howard was across from me farting the whole time," Brown added. "The bathroom situation, it was like 108 degrees inside, it was a lot."

This is a bad, bad beat for Dwight Howard. I mean they are on set of this reality show where basically they have to go through different challenges. It's hot, it's bad out there. Of course Dwight Howard is going to fart. However, he apparently couldn't stop farting around Hannah Brown. Not much you can do in that scenario. He couldn't go anywhere so he was just letting it rip. What does he care? Apparently not at all. 

Oh and you know Dwight Howard has DISGUSTING farts. Probably laughs as he just lets that smell linger the entire time. In fact that should be one of the challenges. You're stuck in a room with a farting Dwight Howard. In fact instead of wrestling for King of LA, Shaq and Dwight Howard should have a farting contest. I know a great spot for it too. A little something called the Yak - they apparently like to fart in that room. 

Welcome to the locker room though, Hannah. You know Dwight Howard was just unleashing hell in there. Tough beat, but welcome to real life.