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"I Gotta Be On The Floor With Bronny" - LeBron Reiterates His One Remaining Goal Is To Play With His Son In The NBA

Jason Armond. Getty Images.

We've heard this type of talk from LeBron James before, but now we're getting to the point where the reality of it is beginning to come into focus. According to 247Sports, Bronny James is a 4-star recruit and the 40th-ranked prospect nationally, with offers from Ohio State, Memphis and USC as he enters his senior season of high school basketball.

So while Bronny isn't exactly a blue-chip, surefire first-round pick in the NBA, he has a couple years to improve his game, boost his stock and then hopefully make a one-and-done leap to the pros before Father Time catches up to his legendary dad.

There's no doubt some wishful thinking and manifesting going on here by LeBron. However, I think he's going to pull this off no matter what it takes. I'm fully invested in LBJ's pursuit of the all-time scoring record and in whether he can drag a perpetually hobbled Anthony Davis and undermanned Lakers squad to a decent playoff run in his age-38 season. The fact that those are even possibilities in LeBron's second decade in the Association shows you he has plenty left in the tank for when Bronny pulls up.

Just look at the old man last night, aging like all the fine wine he imbibes in.

Somewhat fitting that there's been a big hullabaloo around Hollywood lately about "nepo babies" amongst high-profile actors. I'm sure that many folks will decry Bronny getting an NBA opportunity even if he's an end of the bench type of guy. THEN AGAIN, it'd also set the stage for one of the most fascinating subplots in hardwood history.

You can bet several franchises will feel pressure to draft Bronny with the presumed guarantee that LeBron will join the squad in a package deal. While nepotism might inflate Bronny's stock, I almost feel like that gets canceled out by how level the playing field will be as far as where LeBron ultimately decides to finish his career.

Think about it this way, too: Even if you're not head over heels for Bronny as a prospect, it'd be worth burning at least a late lottery pick in the draft for even one season of LeBron. Because guess what? The typical gaggle of veterans willing to sign for the minimum just to have a shot at playing with King James would form an orderly queue, and your local businesses/ticket sales/revenue/etc. would be through the roof.

As for Bronny, on his own merit, I'm not totally counting him out yet as a legit NBA prospect. He dunks with ease at 6-foot-3 and is only going to continue getting stronger. Like his father, Bronny is an uncanny, instinctive passer and is actually showing more polish as a perimeter shooter than LeBron did at the same stage of his development.

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