I Love Jose Andres Roasting Charles Barkley For Eating His Steak Well Done And Cutting The Entire Steak Up Before Eating It

I love Chuck but this one really hurts. You know how your dinner is going to go when somebody orders their steak well done. Everyone is having a good time, ordering wine, and then the waiter asks one guy how he wants his steak and he says "well done" and you think you have to call the cops. The rest of the dinner is silent because you don't know what "well done steak guy" is capable of.

I honestly think there is only one way to order your steak and it is medium. When you order it medium it is a mixture of rare but still cooked which is perfect. I know most people do medium-rare but I'm getting annoyed by the medium-rare steak these days, it seems they always come out rare, so medium-rare is basically rare at this point, and medium is medium-rare, and so on. 

If you order it rare like Glenny Balls I just assume you will be shitting for days. 

But ordering it well done is actually insane and you just ruined the steak completely. You robbed that steak of being juicy and delicious on your plate. And that poor cow had to go out like it rubber tire and you should be ashamed of yourself, that cow had a family. 

The only person I have gone out to dinner with that cut his steak up completely before eating it was Tommy Smokes. When you are an adult you are supposed to cut one piece, eat it, and continue like that. It's pretty simple, but then again Tommy can't drive on the highway so I give him a pass. I also can understand his side of this because cutting continuously does get a little annoying when you could just do it right away. Get all the work out of the way at once and then enjoy each piece with a side, fine. But I think steak hardos say you ruin the steak or some shit. If you want to go to the scariest place on earth, it's the meat hardos on Twitter. They take it really seriously and they will track you down and kill you if you don't agree with their way of cooking or eating steak. They don't even hide behind a fake account like some Twitter trolls, they WANT you to know who they are and how they will kill you just because your steak has a little more brown in it. So Charles might actually be the bravest man on Earth for simply admitting he likes his well done.