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Ultimate Wingman: Soccer Fan Convinces A Security Guard To Go Across The Stadium And Get A Chick's Number For Him

Big time dude move here. He could have been a dick. He could have done one for the team and ignored this. But no, everyone needs some help. We all remember the days of being in grade school or jr. high and having the awkward note passing. Or you send a friend to do it for you. 'Hey so what do you think of John over there?' It never worked. It was always met with disgust.

But not here. Not during a soccer match. That's where love blooms - or at least a handjob in the stands. This is true love though. Rivals coming together to share numbers. I hope they met up later. But the real star is the security guard. I can't get over the fact of him turning into the ultimate wingman. He has to be smooth in setting the scene too. It's not like he can just go 'hey number please.' Nope. He's gotta point the guy out. He's gotta talk him up a little. 

Beautiful man. People helping people, what it's all about. More importantly I love seeing the old school method. No Tinder. No dating sites. Just a good old fashioned 'hey my friend wants your number.' Now if only they had to call and fear the sound of a dad's voice answering the phone.