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This Pacers Fan Deserves Way More Than $500 For Making A Free Throw, Three-Pointer, And Half Court Shot All In Under 50 Seconds

I'm sorry, what was that? $500? Is that some sort of sick joke? I know the Pacers are a small market team and all, but I think rational heads need to prevail here and reward that dude with way more than $500. That's an embarrassingly low figure for a professional franchise. I bet you can't even get lower bowl tickets for $500 at the very game he did this at. This is especially true when the Thunder just forked over $20,000 for a half court shot just a few days ago

To make a FT, then a three, then a half court shot all in about 50 seconds is wildly impressive and much harder than your typical half court prayer. You still have to make one of those, but then you also need to make pressure FTs and a prayer 3PA. I've seen the FT line break NBA caliber players on numerous occasions. Shit, a made FT should be worth $500 by itself.

As every basketball player will tell you, once you see that first one drop you begin to catch your rhythm. Suddenly you feel a whole lot better about your chances to knock down an open catch and shoot three. Pretty good form and from the angle it looked like most were on line, and I imagine once he saw how close he was on his misses he was pretty confident one of those was going to drop. At this point you're playing against the clock.

Once you make it, well now the crowd is getting into it. That feeling must have been incredible, I'm definitely jealous of that guy. To then perfectly nail your first half court shot is where I'm pretty sure you see God. I can only imagine the kick to the gut feeling when you realize all that was worth only $500, so this is where I need the Pacers to step up. That special prize pack better be s a bunch of signed Pacers merch. Get him some courtside tickets in there. I hear $50 gift cards play well just send him a DM. You know, don't be cheap.

To the guy who pulled this off, if you're a stoolie and you happen to be reading this blog, bravo. That's how you execute under pressure in a big moment. Had to be a great feeling.