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Nate Oats Calls Kentucky Fans 'Spoiled' Before Our Game Tomorrow ... You're Damn Right We Are

Uhh yeah, no shit man. We're spoiled because we're Kentucky basketball. We get the limelight every year. We get all eyes on us every year. We get mostly the top recruits. We have the top 1% of success you can have in this sport. That's why every year it seems like championship or bust. It's really a gift and a curse we have to live with. A loss in the Elite Eight? Brutal season. Not good enough. Losing to fucking Kevin Ollie? Not acceptable. 

So, sure, call us spoiled. The run Cal had from 2009-2015 was as good as you'll see in this sport. I like Nate Oats too. Not like Rico likes him, but I like him a lot. The dude can coach. He's going to be linked to major jobs basically his entire career (Texas). But this is just a no-brainer. I refuse to let the mental warfare start a day before the game.

We have enough to worry about. Mostly the fact I got this shit in my face: 

And I've talked about this team plenty this year. Shit needs to change. I hate it. This is not an enjoyable team to cheer for, not under Cal at least. The offense is archaic. The guys haven't made jumps and/or are inconsistent. But one win changes that. A win over top-10 Alabama gets everyone buying back in, because we're spoiled. 

Just win tomorrow. 


Spoiled fans from the Commonwealth.