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Skyy Clark Bizarrely Leaves Team, Doesn't Mean Shit Because It's Brad Underwood's Program

My reports and sources say it's over playing time and fit. Either way good luck to the dude.

Big news in the college basketball world as 5-star sensation Skyy Clark leaves the Illinois program after a disappointing couple months. He was billed as the next big name behind Ayo and Kofi. The reason we should be comfortable moving on while maintaining top-10 aspirations. All reports and indications said Skyy Clark would have the keys to the offense on day 1 and turns out it went nowhere. 

Far be it from me to shit on an 18 year old that took a shot on my alma mater. You want to see it work out but this doesn't make him a shit person or a scumbag. Just didn't work out. Sometimes that's life. 

End of the day it's Brad Underwood's program. Obviously going through a little bit of a rough patch with some explosive blow ups amidst disappointing losses. But also same guy that's won more games in the Big Ten, in and out of conference and however you want to slice it, over the last 4 seasons. He's a fucking thoroughbred of a college basketball coach and I'm not going to start asking stupid questions now that we lose a point guard he didn't even really like. I will trust him until one of us dies, both from sports related blood pressure issues I'm sure. 

In any event, there's been much worse days as an Illini fan. I'm not trying to act like this is some heavy shit. Just another kid hitting the transfer portal. Dee Brown would NEVER