Michigan's NCAA Violations Reportedly Stem From Jim Harbaugh Lying About Buying A Recruit A Hamburger

The Wolverine — Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff are facing an NCAA Notice of Allegations for 4 potential Level 2 violations (second in severity only to Level 1, one of which is also alleged) stemming from NCAA restrictions regarding in-person recruiting contacts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While those 4 of them are what those we’ve spoken with say are “relatively minor” in nature, the one — the only Level 1 violation — is levied at Harbaugh for allegedly being untruthful during deposition.

What we’ve gleaned from multiple sources — this stems from Harbaugh allegedly taking committed recruits who stopped on campus for an impromptu visit to a local restaurant for morning burgers. One source with knowledge said Harbaugh’s initial response was “he didn’t recall,” though there was apparently evidence he had.

I genuinely can't believe we're still doing this. In an age when NIL collectives are paying kids millions of dollars — not to mention the plethora of tampering going on by certain schools trying to poach players from across the country — the NCAA is still going after coaches for getting recruits burgers? This is lunacy.

I get that Jim Harbaugh seemingly lied about what happened and he should have been smart enough to not do that, but this shouldn't be in the first 1,000 items on the NCAA's to-do list right now.

There will come a day — pretty soon, I believe — that the NCAA will no longer have anything to do with big-time college football. But until that time, schools should simply stop cooperating with it. The NCAA is investigating you? Great, best of luck. It wants to talk to your head football coach? No thanks, y'all can conduct your "investigation" on your own. The NCAA's authority only exists as long as schools keep going along with its bullshit.

If enough people tell these narcs to go eat shit, these ridiculous ordeals eventually go away. Never cooperate with the NCAA.