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Fuck The Eagles - Forget Rest, Brian Daboll Should Play The Giants Starters And Try To Ruin The Eagles Season

Everyone knows the deal. Week 18, the Giants are locked into the 6 seed and now everyone is debating rest vs rust. Do you play your starters in a 'meaningless' game or do you let them get some rest and health for the playoffs? Me personally? 

Fuck the Eagles.

Fuck Nate Sudfeld. 

Fuck Matt Dodge while we're at it for good measure too. 

I want to ruin the Eagles season. Hand them a loss, hope the 49ers win and get the Eagles out of the 1 seed. They are a rival. Don't give them any benefit of the doubt. Don't give them any advantage. Now, I understand the concern here with injuries and a lack of depth for the Giants. All fair.

But I also have 2007 stuck in my head. Good juju if you will. The Giants went all out against the Pats in week 17 and won a Super Bowl. I like to think that played a role in it. In fact, I assume that played the biggest role in it. I can't truly explain it besides saying juju over and over again. 

It's simple. Start the starters. See how the game is going after the 1st half. If it's close, keep them out there and win the damn thing. Ruin the Eagles. I don't care about rust vs rest. I want to win. I want to see Eagles fans lose their mind again. Daboll says all cards on the table so treat it as such. Run fake punts. Go for two. Get weird with it.

Just beat the damn Eagles.